Monday, July 20, 2009

preparing for round two.

lets get ready to RRRRRRRRRRRRUMBLE!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Images Of Tetris Exhibition

Projection Work Of Neil Browne -

- Initial Proposal -
27th March 09
Neil Browne

For the exhibition I wished to propose two text based ideas;
The first, will involve the proposed first year students (four) we hope to get them to help us cater for the guests on the night by supplying wine and finger foods throughout the room like waiting staff. I hope to print some of my abstract written quotes in white text onto black t-shirts front and back and have them wear them for the opening night. They will look uniform, and be walking, interactive artworks.
Some proposed examples for t-shirt texts :
“Have you sat in my chair?” , “Or used my brush?” etc…

For my second idea, I will require an projector (either over-head or digital) and a computer

For over-head; I will print out my text onto black acetate in white text (or vice versa) and project the full 20 line text on to the interior of the roof within the venue.

For Digital; I will assemble the proposed text onto a dvd and using a computer and projector safely set up I will project the same text on to the interior of the roof within the venue.

Monday, May 18, 2009

more images

more images....not every piece is covered in theses photographs.

more photos

More images!

More images of TETRIS


Some images of the exhibition. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

photos of exhibiton and events being posted soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hi, now that the buzz is dying down, all of the members of the MAKEANDDOSOICITY would like to thank the people that helped us and all the people that came to the exhibition. We are so greatful and never thought in our wildest dreams that it would be this good.

But this week is just the begining. Keep in contact, there will be more events in the near future.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Moving Pictures presents
A cinema revival week for Limerick city
Screenings take place where cinemas used to be
There have been twelve city centre cinemas and now there are none
All screenings are free of charge

Saturday 2 May
'Metropolis' at the Athenaeum (Cecil St)
9.30pm - outside

Sunday 3 May
'Night of the Hunter' at the Lyric (Glentworth St)
9.30pm - outside

Monday 4 May
'American Werewolf in London' at the Central (Bedford Row)
9.30 - inside - bring your own chairs, cushions, rugs....

Monday 4 May
'The Birds' at the Savoy (Bedford Row)
9.30pm - outside

Tuesday 5 May
'E.T.' at the Carlton (Henry Street)
9.30pm - outside

Wednesday 6 May
'The General' at the Abbey Kinema (George's Quay)
9.30pm - outside

Thursday 7 May
'The Searchers' 5.30 pm
PLUS 'Cinema Paradiso' 8pm at the Thomond (Nicholas St)
Inside screening - bring your own bean bags, deck chairs, cushions, etc

Monday, April 27, 2009

The exhibition!!!!!!!!

Dont miss it!!!!!
Booze, finger food and some amazing art! It's going to be a fantastic night!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Watch This Space

Watch this space!!! Now that the artists Statements are up we'll try and get some more info up! Hopefully each of us will add our own info as we go too, and check out the links for some of our blogs!!! Also, the exhibition is running for a week so we may have a few surprises instore for the evenings!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amy's Artist Statement

I am interested in the idea that everyone has a Core Self, and that we build on that Core Self through our experiences. I am interested in exploring the ways in which my Self can be revealed through spontaneous and seemingly aimless activities.

Brid's Artist Statement

Through photography, video and sound I am experimenting with narrative. Specifically I am exploring the unspoken word that stems from the subconscious Ð so that the viewer can heighten the narrative.

Carla's Artist Statement

I am interested in our relationship with the past. I am exploring the ways in which we give solidity to past events through our inner lives (memory, narrative) and our outer lives (photos, buildings, ephemera). I am investigating a process of revisiting past events in order to remember and reclaim them.

Danny's Artists Statement

My work focuses on texture, and, through an array of different elements I explore what surface qualities can be achieved. When I begin to make a piece I do not have a set goal. I apply without restraint, as if to achieve something I have not yet considered. It is not until a surface is covered that I start to think about aestetic. Essentially I view my work as an on going inestigation into the endless possibilities of painting.

Eilish's Artists Statement

I am interested in how we perceive the world through various layers of our own experience. These optical devices distort the space behind the sculpture. I like how these objects seem to be evolving their own personas: they are viewers in there own rights.

Elena's Artist Statement

I’m interested in difference between being an EU citizen and Non-EU citizen. Originally hailing from Siberia in Russia, my work based on my experience of being in Ireland as a student for the past four years. In my work I look at what I can do and cannot do in EU while I’m here politically and socially (i.e. better understanding of the language and the people).

Geraldine's Artists Statement

I am interested in the male human body, I framework components of the body in a rigid material. This hard material is a contrast to the fragility of the human body.

Laura C's Statement

Shoes are emotive objects. Different types of shoes suggest different types of people and personalities. By taking apart, and rebuilding the shoes, I am revealing what used to be on the inside and revealing a hidden side to the shoes.

Laura R's Artist Statement

I am interested in drawing attention to spaces. To do this, I use scale and illusion with the aim of creating visually engaging artistic interventions.

Luke's Artist Statement

My work deals with the dichotomy between the private self and the public self. I am also interested in the process of creation.

Neil's Artist Statement

With my work through the use of words and various written texts, I have developed a random cut-up technique. Using this technique, I want to push the boundaries of sentence (linear) forming and the idea that all things must make sense within a structure, space and context.

Orlaith's Statement

This sound work explores the theme of boundaries. I recorded the sound of the crowd of two bordering county teams during a hurling match. I found the primal guttural noise intriguing.

Paul's Artist Statement

I am looking at the prospect of creating sculptural forms that people can engage with to produce sound. For me this is intriguing for these sculptures need no formal training to produce music, even the wind interacting with these geometric forms will be able to create unusual, ambient sounds.

Paula's Artist Statement

I am looking at human fragility.
Unexpected expieriences can turn into unexpected fears.

Shane's Artist Statement

I am interested in bypassing existing modes of operation.

Slainnes Artist Statement

My work stems from the objectification of women, and also how they objectify themselves. I am examining beauty and hygiene rituals as well as physical enhancements.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We have dates!

Images of the exterior of the building (Stix), we're using for our exhibition.

Our exhibition, TETRIS, is debuting on thursday, April 30th 2009. It will run for seven days. It will also be part of the Riverfest Festival in Limerick.

STIX, our exhibiton space

We've finally got images of the space we're planning to use for our exhibition, TETRIS.
Its on Nicholas Street in Limerick in a space above the amazing casino/chipper, STIX. In its past life it was a cinema in the 20's.
The giant brown thing on the wall in the back is an original art-deco speaker.

Friday, February 20, 2009

new blog

This is our new blog for our art collective, The Make and Do Society.
We're all currently students at the Limerick School of Art & Design.