Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Images Of Tetris Exhibition

Projection Work Of Neil Browne -

- Initial Proposal -
27th March 09
Neil Browne

For the exhibition I wished to propose two text based ideas;
The first, will involve the proposed first year students (four) we hope to get them to help us cater for the guests on the night by supplying wine and finger foods throughout the room like waiting staff. I hope to print some of my abstract written quotes in white text onto black t-shirts front and back and have them wear them for the opening night. They will look uniform, and be walking, interactive artworks.
Some proposed examples for t-shirt texts :
“Have you sat in my chair?” , “Or used my brush?” etc…

For my second idea, I will require an projector (either over-head or digital) and a computer

For over-head; I will print out my text onto black acetate in white text (or vice versa) and project the full 20 line text on to the interior of the roof within the venue.

For Digital; I will assemble the proposed text onto a dvd and using a computer and projector safely set up I will project the same text on to the interior of the roof within the venue.

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