Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey everyone! just an update (my sincerest apologies for the delay) with regards to the emergnecy meeting we held on thursday!!!!
So thanks to Paula and the Space committee we got the opportunity to hold our exhibition in Faber studios. It was important we make a decision and get back to Chris with a yes or no, and so after some debate all who attended were in agreement it was an opportunity not to miss! We said yes!! So, WE HAVE A SPACE!!!! On monday May 10th, the second chapter of the Make and Do Society will open to the public in Faber Studios!
Because of the nature of the space some issues arose, and they are detailed below, along with the solutions and conclusions we came to.
For anyone who doesn't know the space it is in the large glass building, roughly across from Silkes, and it is the space where some past sculpture students can be seen working through the glass windows.
The main concern was with the size of the space, both wall space and floor space, with special regard to opening night and space for the public to move and see the work.
The solutions are as follows....the opening will be held outside as there is plenty of pavement area, and this will make the best use of the huge window space. Also it will minimise the amount of people in the space at any one time so that there is plenty of space to view the work.
We spent some time discusing whether or not it is feasible to present the work of fifteen people in this space and decided with some creativity and enthuasiasm it could be a brilliant challenge for us, and fantastic way to up our game from last year! So we will all have to be very aware of what everyone is doing/planning for the space, and all work very closely together.
Thus we plan to meet every tuesday, starting the first week back, for an hour or so, and eventually we will have to have one or two much longer meetings to really get into the details of how this will work and what everyone plans to make for the space, and how it can all work/fit together.
As usual, if I have left anything out or forgotten anything, if I have misinformed, or if anyone has any comments or questions please fell free to leave a comment or edit this one by logging in please feel free to do so, either here or on the facebook!
Also, please spread the word, and continue to check here for any updates or comments!!
thanks....hope everyone enjoys the easter!

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